Writing Styles: Associated Press, Broadcast News, News Radio.

Public Relations Writing: News Releases, News Articles, Media Alerts, Public Services Announcements (PSA), Strategic Plans, Media Lists.

Software Skills: Final Cut Pro, AP ENPS, Canva, WordPress, Video Helper, All Microsoft Office Software, All Google Software.

Social Media: All.

Other Applicable Skills: Organized, Detail-oriented, Positive Attitude, Enthusiastic, Honest Work Ethic, Storyteller, On-time, Experienced, Reliable, Professional, Excited, Committed, Consistent, Eager to Learn, Thoughtful, Original, Connected, Critical and Strategic Thinker, Motivated, Productive, Self-sufficient, Fresh Ideas, Willing to Adapt, Comfortable, Patient, Efficient, Fast-paced, Results-driven, Polite, Assertive, Quick, Appropriate, Innovative, Asks Questions, Funny, Unique, Memorable.

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